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Welcome to Muradel

Muradel is currently a research company which aims to soon commercialise the growing of microalgae for a variety of uses, depending on market returns. Research is underway to grow a high-protein mix of species to produce specialty plastics. Grown on sewage waste water, it ‘polishes’ the water enhancing it for reuse or environmental discharge

Recent research has provided the skills to produce marine algae biomass for medicines, cosmetics, nutrients, and fish and other animal feeds. This field remains of interest to Muradel.

Muradel has developed a technology platform, known as Green2Black™, which can be used to convert end of life car tyres into biocrude oil. With over 400,000 tonnes of used car tyres created annually in Australia and only limited technologies to reuse them, this process shows considerable promise as a commercial alternative. This technology can also convert waste oils and solvents and oleochemicals (oils from animal and plant sources) into biocrude oil.

Green2Black™ technology can also be integrated into existing wastewater treatment plants to sustainably manage sludges and biosolids. The low price of mineral crude oil renders this process not currently cost effective.

The biocrude oils produced by Muradel can be fractionated into a spectrum of fuel products and petrochemicals comparable to those produced from a barrel of fossil crude. Muradel biocrude oils are energy positive and have a reduced carbon footprint compared with traditional crude oils.

Muradel welcomes partnerships with other companies wishing to use its microalgae and hydrothermal liquefaction technology for research or commercialisation.

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